About Us

Our 'You Surf' Mission

To continue spreading the 'aloha spirit' throughout the Great Lakes Region by encouraging and supporting individuals in Northern Ontario to learn, in a safe way, how to Surf and Stand Up Paddleboard. Together, we are creating a friendly, health-conscious community based on high customer satisfaction, trust and individual experiences. We will introduce our customers to outdoor and water activities (Surf & SUP) in a way that is fun and helps everyone reconnect with their environment.


You Surf wants to revolutionize Northern Ontarian lifestyles by developing and introducing a friendly, trusting and health-conscious approach to an active lifestyle through surfing and Stand Up Paddleboarding in all of our lakes and rivers.

Helene Filion

Helene grew up on the shores of Northern Ontario's lakes. Her passion and love of the water is deep-rooted and her sense of adventure inevitably led her from a young age to learn how to wakeboard, snowboard and skateboard. At the age of 8 she was already spending her summer Stand Up Paddleboarding on her father's old windsurf board and attempting to 'surf' it behind the family boat. Naturally her first solo trip at 20 was destined to the West Coast to learn to surf in Tofino, B.C. After getting bit by the surf bug, she used her knowledge of Manitoulin Island and Lake Huron and began hunting for waves in the Great Lakes. She spent two years, exploring the South shore of Manitoulin Island, studying the wind, waves, and bathymetric maps to compile a database of surf locations and favourable conditions in the area. She has advocated for developing interest in the area's surf locations and helped made them available to those who were willing to try.

Helene has since competed in multiple surf contests in Canada and the US and is currently ranked as one the top female surfers in her district by the Eastern Surf Association. She continues to act as a spokesperson for Great Lakes Surfers to encourage women to learn to surf the Great Lakes. Since 2012, Helene has been sponsored by an all-girl surf company 'Chick Sticks' in California. She has travelled and surfed in Spain, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Barbados as well as multiple locations in Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Lake Huron and Lake Superior.

Antonio Acuna

Antonio started surfing at the age of 11 in Lima, Peru. He began body boarding and quickly moved on to the Hawaiian surfboard. Learning how to Longboard came in handy especially when waves were really small in the Pacific Ocean. At the young age of 13, Antonio started teaching friends and tourists how to surf at his home break 'Makaha' in Miraflores, Lima-Peru. Shortly after that Antonio and friends created a Surf School to share their passion for surf with everyone who was interested. He taught students from around the globe including Canada, USA, Germany, Brazil, France and even China.

Since then, Antonio has surfed in many different places around the world. His passion for the sport has sent him to the Northern, Central and Southern shores of Peru in search of the country's greatest waves. Since moving to Canada, Antonio is sponsored by Wikked Surfboards in California and has a long list of places he has surfed. He is ranked amongst the best surfers in the Eastern Surf Association for his district and continues to compete in Canada and the US. He has his aim set on surfing next the swells of Lake Superior as well as the East and West Coast of Canada.