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At You Surf we want you to have the best products available. We want to help maximize your enjoyment of water sports and keep you in the elements as long as possible in full comfort and style. That's why we bring you JANGA wetsuits - high quality, one-of-a-kind and epic!

JANGA wetsuits kick ass! They are premium performance suits made from the highest quality "butter" neoprene (so soft you will want to wear it to work). The company is designed and built by surfers in Portugal and tested all over the world in some of the harshest environments. Janga continues to exceed expectations building performance suits with awesome colors and style.

In partnership with Janga, we have helped design the prototype for winter wetsuits here in Canada with ultra light and stretchy neoprene as well as awesome colors that fit your personality!

You are an adventure seeker, you appreciate artistic design and all things unique, you're always fun and you stand out in a standard crowd. Why should your wetsuit be any different?

For available inventory click here www.jangawetsuits.com

Send us an email with the model/size/color/thickness you want and we will get it for you!

Size Chart >>

All 2mm wetsuits ~ TBA $0.00

Hot Pants (Women) - 2mm

Strong Reaction - 2mm

Airfighter - 2mm

All 3mm wetsuit - $250.00

Minimal (Women) - 3mm

Janga Acid - 3mm

Strong Reaction - 3.3mm

All 4.3mm wetsuit - $325.00

The Player (Women) - 4.4mm

Silver Airfighter - 4.3mm

Orange Strong Reaction - 4.3mm

All 4.3mm hooded wetsuit - $329.00

Strong Reaction w/ Hood - 4.3mm

All 4.4mm wetsuit - $335.00

Minimal (Women) - 4.4mm

Strong Reaction - 4.4mm

Indigent (Women) - 4.4mm

All 4.4 Wetsuits with Hood - $349.00

Strong Reaction - 4.4mm

Strong Reaction - 4.4mm

Strong Reaction - 4.4mm